The 2nd HUB4GROWTH training workshop on “Employability” has been organised by the University of Peloponnese, Greece and was held in Korinthos, Greece, on 3 – 5 July, 2017.

The workshop was delivered mainly by experts from University of Peloponnese and London Metropolitan University and included the participation of all Asian partners.

The main objective of this 2nd workshop was to present certain core concepts on employability, the importance of data-collection and employability of graduates as well as best practices on how these can be embedded in institutional strategies through development of career services, curriculum development, etc. Asian partners listened to the experiences from EU partners and presented activities which have been carried out at their institutions as well as their future prospects.

In particular, the 2nd HUB4GROWTH training event contributed:

  • To present and discuss data on the employability strategies of Partner Universities; and
  • To produce an implementation plan to complement the strategic plan for enterprise linkage development and employability of graduates.

The 2nd workshop has been attended by 32 participants from 12 participating institutions.