The 3rd HUB4GROWTH training workshop on “Knowledge Transfer” and the Conference on “Enterprise – University Linkage”, which were held in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 27-29 March, 2018, have been organised by the Bribhuvan University and Purbanchal University and supported by Hillside College of Engineering.

The workshop was delivered mainly by experts from the London Metropolitan University with the moderation of Prof. Alex Krouglov; experiences from leaders of enterprises as well as EU, Danang and Tribhuvan universities were also shared.

The main objective of this 3rd workshop was to address various aspects about the current situation of the university – enterprise linkages in Kathmandu, dealing with both the strategic and practical aspects.

In particular, the 3rd HUB4GROWTH training event contributed:

  • To discuss and review the concept of ‘knowledge transfer’ (or knowledge exchange); and
  • To help apply the results and outcomes of higher education research activities more effectively for the benefit of society and the wider economy.

The 3rd workshop has been attended by more than 34 participants from European and Asian partner countries.