Career orientation and job searching assistance are essential for students and learners. Insufficient awareness of career orientation may bring a waste of time, efforts and money. On the other hand, professional advice can help boost our success.

UEC of Thang Long University, on recognizing such importance, cooperated with Navigos Group, Misa, Sutunam, Vietnam Bankers, and Apollo to organise a “Career Orientation Day” on the 21st of April 2018.

The day began with a workshop conducted by speakers from different enterprises.

Dr. Vu Do Quynh, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University and Director of the UEC, gave an opening speech and provided statistics based on student surveys which showed the necessity of including career orientation programmes and job searching assistance.

Participating enterprises have given fundamental advice on how to write a comprehensive CV, conduct a perfect interview and have a broad outlook about the job.

Ms. Vu Thuy Duong, Human Resources Manager of the Navigos Group, emphasised the importance of an inclusive CV, which is considered not only as the bridge between employers and employees but also a key aspect to face a job interview.

Mr. Simon Luaire, Project Manager and Representative of Sutunam Company (a company providing open source-based software services), offered advice on how to perform a confident interview. Sutunam is always willing and eager to welcome students who really look forward to enhancing both their technical and their soft skills.

Mr. Vu Viet Dung, former student of TLU and currently working for VPBank as HR Manager, shared his own experiences from his recruitment process and recommended students not to neglect or despise any job opportunities.

Other representatives of Vietnam Bankers Training Centre, Apollo English, and Misa Company also shared information on their available vacancies and training courses.

Finally, students and recruiters met and talked face-to-face about further job opportunities.