In the morning of 23/11/2017, the University of Da Nang solemnly held the Opening Event of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a bridge linking UD’s students and businesses. This event marked a starting point for long-term and sustainable development strategy to achieve the objectives of training associated with research, start-up and innovation, contributing significantly to building UD into a research-oriented university by 2020.

Immediately after its inception, the Center will be closely associated with the CIT-Lotus Hub’s Innovation Incubator to implement start-up programs and projects funded by the Erasmus + program and IPP Programs such as:

+ PISI-ICT Initiative and YES-ICT Science and Youth Initiative;

+ Innovative and creative ecosystem development project, in cooperation with the City Incubator and the Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Danang City; The project of capacity building through business innovation and relations, in cooperation with three European universities and two universities in Vietnam.

The launch of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will create a close relationship between research, innovation and entrepreneurship activities, facilitating the commercialization and technology transfer of research and innovation products of faculty and students; ensure training objectives to meet the social needs; improving the accredited quality of education at international standards