The first Training of the H4G project took place on 27-29 March, 2017 at Phnom Penh University (Cambodia). It addressed University-Enterprise relations and developing strategic plans in the field of enterprise relations and employability. The workshops incorporated short presentations with the main aim to discuss:

– what current strategic plans exist in universities in Asia,

– existing plans in EU universities,

– needs and develop the first drafts of strategic plans for Asian universities.

Concrete objectives were:
– To understand the wider context (government policy, economic conditions, labour market trends, institutional factors) informing strategies on enterprise and employability;

– To understand the range of sources and methods of collecting data relevant for the purposes of developing enterprise and employability strategies;
– To understand the process of strategic planning and management at institutional level.

All objectives were successfully achieved. Participants presented their drafts of strategic plans on university/enterprise and employability activities towards the end of the workshops, receiving feedback in order to take the drafts back to their universities and discuss them with their managers, thus paving the way for upcoming project activities.

Agenda Training I