Continuing the successful training workshops in the framework of the Hub4Gorwth project, the conference aimed to bring together participants from academia, business, and other stakeholders who are interested in the interplay between education and economic development to develop solutions for new challenges in university-business cooperation between Asian universities With more than 19 presentations and home to 70 domestic and international experts and scientists, the conference allowed meaningful exchange and discussion among universities and businesses regarding useful and practical solutions for the university-enterprise cooperation development in the face of new trends and challenges. The content of the session was to consider ways of developing cooperation between universities and enterprise with the aim of enhancing student employability, enterprise and career outcomes.

(1) Integrating academic knowledge and work oriented skills

(2) Recognising the challenges associated with employability and enterprise in universities.

(3) Seeing the benefits of cooperation with universities or from staff and students unwilling to compromise their understanding of what a degree entails.

(4) Identifying stakeholders, expectations and responsibilities provides a basis for developing clear responsibilities for all parties and also the scope to monitor progress.

(5) Universities should aim to move from the transactional features of cooperation to the transformative where all parties experience deep and tangible benefits from these interactions.

(6) International forms of cooperation are extremely significant, both in terms of the role of international companies supporting university enterprise and student mobility, providing a broader vision and a comparative understanding.

(7) It is important to develop evidence-based practice and use data to inform employability and enterprise strategies.

(8) Successful forms of cooperation have relied on strong ongoing relations with business, sometimes through personal contacts. Alumnae can play an important role here as brokers in developing cooperation and as advocates of the university to business.

(9) Active student engagement in these processes is vital. This can take the form of student surveys to flag up concerns and identify curriculum needs, etc.

(10) Employability and enterprise strategies can form part of wider university strategic plans, research and enterprise plans or they can be stand alone.

H4G Conference Agenda