The retraining workshop III on “Knowledge and Technological Transfer to Entrepreneurs” has been held on 24th September 2018 in the CM Hall, Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University.

The present programme was organized to disseminate the concept of knowledge transfer and how universities are contributing to enhance the skills of their students.

Entrepreneurs from various sectors has been present. The Coordinator of the University Enterprises Center (UEC), IOE at the TU, Asst. Prof. Mahendra Raj Dhital, was responsible for presenting the current situation of knowledge transfer among universities and enterprises. He also focused on the key aspect of knowledge and technological transfer.

Then, the Director of the Center for Infrastructure Studies (CIDS), Prof. Dr. Rabindra Nath Shrestha, talked about the collaboration between the Tribhuvan University and other business and enterprises.

Er. Sudarshan Ghimire, CEO of Civil Arch Integrated Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., spoke about his struggle to establish an enterprise. He also explained in detail the importance of knowledge and technology transfer.

In general, the workshop was aimed at training the entrepreneurial start-ups, university personnel, and students of the IOE, Pulchowk Campus, TU.

This workshop involved more than 20 active participants and stakeholders from different university and enterprise-related sectors.