The Retraining Workshop I of the University Enterprises Center has taken place on 12th September 2018 in the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University.

The main focus of the workshop has been University-Enterprise relations and the development of strategic plans in the field of enterprise relations and employability.

In the first place, the workshop was presented by the local Coordinator of the HUB4GROWTH project, Mr. Mahendra Raj Dhital, who accounted for the many challenges faced to develop the employability in Nepal, since universities are focussed on conventional teaching practices. He continued explaining that there are huge gaps between enterprises and universities. Finally, he expressed his confidence that this programme may fill those gaps if the developed strategies are implemented on an effective way.

Then, the Advisor (and former coordinator) of UEC Assoc., Prof. Dr. Nava Raj Karki, believed that UEC will be the ultimate centre to tie universities and enterprises together and will be a major hub for job creation through the implementation of established strategies.

The Principal of the Pulchowk Campus, Prof. Dr. Gokarna Bahadur Motra, explained his experience on developing strategies for job creation according to the enterprises demand.

The Director of the Center for Infrastructure Development Studies (CIDS), Prof. Dr. Rabindra Nath Shrestha, showed his eagerness to collaborate with the UEC as regards research, development and support for employability.

This workshop involved more than 23 active participants, including teaching faculties, students and other stakeholders.