The session on “Training on Research Methodology” has been held on 23rd September 2018 in the Seminar Hall, Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University.

At present, students of Pulchowk Campus have been trained on Research Methodology by Suman Mishra, who asserted that research is crucial for the development of the nation. He illustrated his presentation with some example of developed countries and their contribution on research. He further explained the meaning of research, critical thinking, how to draft a paper review, and how to raise research questions. He described in detail the prerequisites for conducting research as well as other tools which are generally used for research. He further described how to write a research proposal, a report and a research paper for publication. Following on from that, patents rights and ownership were also widely discussed topics.

Students were eager to learn about research and asked Mishra about their own concerns on this matter.

The Coordinator of the University Enterprises Center (UEC) IOE, Pulchowk Assist. Prof. Mahendra Raj Dhital, explained that the UEC will be an open platform for research on various sectors which will provide the necessary means to facilitate research.

Additionally, Tej Binod Pandey added that the UEC will also help development research as it is capable to manage all the students’ and stakeholders’ ideas.

Finally, Samyam Koirala agreed that, for sustainable development, research definitely boosts the capacity of university graduates and the calibre of the university and enterprises linkage.

This training session involved more up to 27 freshly undergraduate and graduate students as well as professors from the Pulchowk Campus.